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Leather Souk a man owned, small business was founded by karim in 2016 and based between the Washington, DC area and Marrakech. We work to bridge the connection of artisans we partner and their handmade good with  our customers by collaborating directly with  artisans in different regions of Morocco. Through this process it ensures craft preservation and  assist in bringing the work of our artisan partners to a wider market. It is our passion to empower our partners which is only possible through entrepreneur skills, higher incomes by giving fair wages and raising awareness in artisan communities. We are a small company, but a small company can still make a great impact in someones future.


There is a larger opportunity to support and empower under-compensated  handcraft artisans who lack access to the tools and resources, poor production infrastructure, access to working capital and contemporary entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace. While on sourcing trips, we look to  partner with local talented artisans and small businesses directly who we can collaborate in design, create or source a beautiful collections of handmade goods for you and your home.  Our goal is to bring a sense of community and empowerment by providing ethically-sourced, responsibly-made goods from the artisans we work with in Morocco.

During our trips to Morocco we work with small single owned, family-run businesses and independently-run cooperatives. During each trip our process is highly collaborative with the artisans we work with. Each artisan skills, creativity and knowledge of our  partners  is important to us. They set their own wages, and we are committed to following fair trade practices in all aspects of our business. Many of the artisans we partner with have been working in their craft for generations and are masters in their field. Our artisan partners are our friends and collaborators, as well as our biggest source of inspiration.

In addition to the our collection, we showcase a select range of  art, books, jewelry, apothecary and other home & personal accessories from US based women-owned and family run businesses. We are strongly committed to promoting ethically made goods that share this commitment through the brands that we choose to stock online.


karim travels several times a year to work closely with Leather Souk artisan partners in Morocco, but calls home in the Washington, DC area. Being an artist himself, his favorite subjects were anthropology, sociology and of course art that influenced him love for the handcrafted work and cultures. Since then, he have traveled to many places in the world, but always envisioned himself visiting Morocco.  After years of researching and learning about Morocco and its vibrant culture and talent of artisans, the idea started to come together.  The question of how can Leather Souk assist low-income artisans who may not have access to a larger audience secure  a long-term well-being and create a livelihood for their future. After visiting in 2016, he returned a few months later and began building close relationships within the community and our current artisan partners.

The ability of seeing our partner artisans feel empowered nothing can come close to the feeling of actually being there witnessing it. The skills of the artisans unfold before your eyes, the essence of the city is awe-inspiring and his passion for travel, home décor and handmade goods grew even greater by bringing the traditional elements and using them in a modern design. karim now travels two to three times a year to visit and have a foot on the ground as well as traveling to new areas to build more connections with makers and dive deeper into the history of the people and culture of Morocco. The hope is that each handmade piece evokes the beautiful connection that is Leather Souk. As well as, connecting with people from all parts of the world who share our passion for quality, authenticity, and innovation.


We believe that without the relationships we have built and the artisans who we work with this would not be possible, so we have started a program where we give back to the makers and organizations that build up the community as a direct investment into creating more opportunities for community empowerment. We invest a portion of proceeds directly back into artisan and organizations doing good within the Moroccan community and in the US.